The subjunctive? Nah, you don’t really need that….do you?

The subjunctive? Nah, you don’t really need that….do you?

Well, I had been ticking along quite nicely for a few weeks on the communication front. No problems ordering my baguette in the boulangerie, my address simply tripping off my tongue, only causing my daughter’s teacher to wince twice in our little after school chat, that kind of encouraging stuff, when wham! My French teacher arrives chez moi one evening with a dangerous glint in her eye and announces that there is this tricky little thing called the subjunctive, and it’s very very complicated and you need to use it nearly every time you say something. Which means you need to memorise all the correct verbs endings and, of course, 99% of them are horribly, deformedly, abnormally, irregular. Why is it necessary? Can’t we just pretend we don’t need it and carry on as before? Surely, like gender-specific articles, we can just mutter something unintelligible and move swiftly on? Please? It’s enough to make you drop French and take up Swahili instead. I’m nearly positive Tanzanians don’t care a jot about the subjunctive* and are much, much happier as a result.

*OK so someone is probably going to prove me wrong – the gauntlet is down…


2 Responses to “The subjunctive? Nah, you don’t really need that….do you?”

  1. Try siswati. Nine different noun classes, all verbs have to agree with both subject and object and clicks to boot. I’m not sure Swahili would be much easier…

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