Manège or ménage? On the carousel of life

So, this much I know. One of them means housework. And the other one means a merry-go-round. But which is which, I can never remember. Let’s see – housework or merry-go-round, merry-go-round or housework? I’ll take the merry-go-round please, you can have the housework.Carousel


3 Responses to “Manège or ménage? On the carousel of life”

  1. The former means a Riding School! So House work really is a merry go round-hence Menage A Trois-many hands make light work of the washing up

  2. Oh dear, I take it Huttonion does know that ménage à 3 means a threesome, not the au-pair 😉

    • Maybe he meant a threesome with the au-pair! Which brings me to a new pondering…what is the origin of the term ‘au pair’? Or maybe I shouldn’t go there…

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